Pinterest for Business Free Webinar: Sell more products and services on Pinterest

Let me show you the proven system that I use to sell more of my products and services on Pinterest


Melanie Duncan

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Join me for a free online workshop, and I’ll show you how to successfully use Pinterest (in less than an hour a week) to grow your business.

Social media marketing can be confusing, costly, and take up hours of your time every week if you let it. I focus my efforts on the channels where people are spending money and have refined my strategies to make social media marketing instantly easier and more effective.

And it all starts with Pinterest.

Did you know:

In short, if you’re selling something, you should be selling it on Pinterest.

But how?



In this all-new training, I will show you:

  1. My 3-step system for using Pinterest to build your business — in less than an hour a week.
  2. The best tools to create quickly and easily create content that sells — without needing to learn to use any tricky or expensive graphics software.
  3. How to get access to (and master) Pinterest ads so that you can start getting more traffic right away.
  4. My step-by-step method for building “The Perfect Pin” from scratch, so you can get more followers and more repins.
  5. How to put Pinterest’s new “smartfeed” to work for you so that the right people see your pins exactly when they're looking for them
  6. And my essential strategy for turning a pin into a purchase — every time

This training is for anyone who markets to women and wants to increase their traffic, sales and exposure exponentially — including physical product sellers, service providers, coaches, authors, realtors, people in direct sales and network marketing, even B2B.

If you’ve wondered if Pinterest might be a good fit for your business, this is the training for you.


Who Am I?

I’ve personally been using Pinterest for years to grow BOTH my product and services businesses. I’ve got the art of pinning down to a science.

When I started my eCommerce home decor business, Luxury Monograms, I struggled to get a consistent and quality stream of customers to my website. I tried everything — Facebook, SEO, pay-per-click ads, you name it. But it was costing a lot of money (that I didn't have) and it wasn't working fast enough.

I started to get a trickle of traffic from Pinterest, way back in January of 2012, and it peaked my interest. Could I really use this social media site to grow my business?

After spending months researching and testing various systems and strategies within my own businesses, I was able to identify what actually works on Pinterest.

I now use Pinterest to drive massive new traffic and tens of thousands of dollars in sales to my businesses. I've taught thousands of business owners how to excel on Pinterest (in a wide variety of industries) and even consulted with major brands on how they can put Pinterest to work as well.

Join me to learn:


  1. Your customers are on Pinterest spending their money.
  2. You don't need to be tech savvy to be cashing in on this new platform.
  3. I will teach you strategies that no one else is using in your industry.
  4. You could start seeing an increase in traffic and sales from Pinterest in less than a week.
  5. I'm offering you a shortcut so that you can save a ton of time and get straight to the results.

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This workshop is INCREDIBLE! I learned so much. The content was outstanding! Thank you so much for giving so much info in this workshop. I’m going to watch it again!” -Debbie Ronning

“I was seriously avoiding Pinterest because I didn’t want to invest the time/effort into learning how to navigate yet another social media site, but the information you’ve shared in your webinar has shown me that I really need to get on board! I had no idea Pinterest could be so beneficial to my business. Thanks for the invaluable info!” - Alonna Peachy Pickett

“I got so much out of this workshop! My blog traffic referral from Pinterest after this (and after going through your course) went from 8th to 3rd...in less than a week...and I’m just getting warmed up! Thank you!” -Kimberly Wilson Turner

Victoria’s Secret repinned my pin on Pinterest! Thanks for your tips!” - Rebecca Barborak

Absolutely fantastic workshop. Had me licking my chops for more. I thought that I knew quite a bit of information about online marketing, but Melanie had some fantastic reminders that allowing others to teach you and learning from others is the BEST way to improve your knowledge base. Thank you!” - Courtney Dimiceli

“Excellent information. One of the best workshops that I’ve attended! I’m a new Pinterest user and loved it. Glad to learn how I can maximize its use for business. I’m eager to get started.” - Hakikah Shamsiden